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Structural 3D CAD Modeling Solutions

Are you looking for structural 3D CAD modeling services to materialize your imaginations into reality? Well, this is the ultimate destination to end up your search for most efficient and affordable structure design support, structural 3D CAD modeling, 2D Drafting and Drawings services.

Outsource Steel Detailing is a guaranteed platform to portray your imaginative power into most realistic and natural manner. We help general contractors, structural design companies and fabricators to provide appropriate strength for building and industrial construction.

Our structural 3D CAD modeling solutions includes:

  • Varioustypes of framings
  • Differenttypes of foundations (shallow, deep and pile foundations)
  • Structuralcomponents (foundations, columns, beams, slabs, walls, stairs, handrailsgirders, rafters, bracings, stiffeners, brackets etc.)
  • Curvedstructures (shell, masts, funnels, bulkheads etc.)
  • Facilitatesclash checking
  • Connectiondetails between different steel structural components
  • Decking,joist and roof truss details
  • Specialstructures (tanks, bridges, water retaining structures, retaining walls,transmission towers etc.)
  • Planarstructures (plates, platforms, decks, deck/penetration pieces, stiffeners,brackets etc.)

We recruit professionally qualified and experienced workforce with practical exposure in steel detailing services and train them according to our past experiences and clients priority levels. Major motto behind all our endeavors that we put from starting of any service to its final execution is to deliver everlasting satisfaction and quality to our entire clientele base in countries like USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

We provide exhaustively interactive, communicative and parametric 3D modeling Services, 3D Max Modeling, 3D Character Modeling, 3D Rendering and several others to gain you optimal utilization of your resources.

Our services will enable you to get an exact idea for the dimensions, geometry, connections, member properties and materials. Choose our 3D CAD modeling Services to enjoy imagination and actualization going hand in hand for all you need in steel detailing, fabrication and erection purposes.

To avail our services please feel free to Contact us, our professionals are available 24*7 hours to assist you.