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Steel Joist Detailing

We have team of 30+ detailers, engineers and projects managers made us one of the best steel joist detailing company in India. We have wide range of experience in providing steel joist detailing services to the largest steel joist manufacturers, steelworks contractors, material fabricators & suppliers, builders and design-build firms.

Our structural and civil engineers have years of steel detailing experience in Tekla and have technical expertise in steel joist detailing to provide accurate solutions in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, process and plants.

Our steel doist detailing expertise include:

  • LH & DLH Series
  • Open Web Steel Joist K-Series
  • Long span Steel Joists
  • Deep Long span Steel Joists
  • Single/Double/Parallel Pitched Cords
  • One & Two Way Pitched Cords

Our joist detailing services comprise of organizing complete and accurate lists and bills as stated in the structural design drawings. We normally deliver steel joist detailing services in coordination with the structural steel detailing as a real option on time complex projects when the supplier?s detailing schedule cannot meet the project?s schedule. However, we will detail joist under an independent contract.

Our Utility Software Tools

  • Offshore Construction (Bridges, Dam, Tunnel)
  • Industrial structures
  • Complex commercial buildings
  • Schools / Universities
  • Office buildings
  • Retail facilities
  • Stadiums, supermarkets, auditoriums
  • Low and high-rise buildings
  • Multi-level buildings

Our fully automated structural drafting and detailing process ensures superior quality standards and timely delivery to our patrons. Our professionals with years of experience and practical exposure over 500+ live projects are proficient enough in optimal utilization of resources and fetching striking returns over client?s investments, irrespective of any given input and any expected output format.

With years of accumulated structural engineering knowledge bank and expert technical know-how our employees are available round the clock to reward you with worlds best structural steel joist detailing services.

For further details please contact us at info@outsourcingsteeldetailing.com