Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing Services Process

Outsourcing Steel Detailing has meticulously defined methodology which is completely Process-Driven and Result Oriented. Our aim is to get in-line our service delivery processes, with that of our clients.

Our Basic Steel Detailing Process:

  • Step 1: We receive the project details from the customer along with therequirements.The files are transferred via email or uploaded them onsecure ftp server or courier.
  • Step 2: We understand and review the project in detail in the context of theparameters
    • Typeof Service Required
    • Typeof Structure
    • Standardsto be followed
    • FinalDrawing Formats & Models
  • Step 3: We send a quotation and time line to the client.
  • Step 4: On approval of the quotation, we begin the work and the delivery model isfinalized as per the client specifications
  • Step 5: The Project Manager assigns work to the team and informs them about theproject details, client requirements and standards to be followed
  • Step 6: The quality team does the first level check and takes in to theconsideration parameters such as required specification are met, standardshave been followed, etc.
  • Step 7: Conditions Applied before Auditing
    • Ifthe quality team is not satisfied then they resend the work to thedepartment.
    • Ifless corrections then same engineer or detailer corrects it
    • Ifmore corrections then different engineer of detailer is assigned tocorrect the work.
  • Step 8: If the quality team is satisfied with the work then they pass the work tothe auditor who does the second level of checking.
  • Step 9: Auditor passes the work meeting the quality standards to the ProjectManager and if the work does not meet the quality standards then theyresend it to the quality team.
  • Step10: The Project Manager sends the completed work to the respectiveclient, in case of work satisfaction from his side.

To take advantage of our efficient and well defined service delivery process, please drop us a mail with your project details and requirements at